ASHTORI-A Woven Dream

ASHTORI”, an amalgamation of Asht(eight) and Dori(thread), represents the eight remarkably rich & gorgeous siblings (states) of  North-East, which are politically and geographically separated yet connected through the culture and traditional weaving.

Glass Sutra’s dedicated team have created the collection and translated it through functional art – where craft and design cross over to touch the boundary of art; a language through which Reshmi likes to express her work. Art is all about symbolic objectification, no symbolism = no art. Ashtori is inspired by the traditional textiles, motifs and colours of North-East, symbolising the woven dreams.

The bespoke handcrafted functional art collection has been done with some challenging design concept using mouthblown, overlay, hand-textured and handwoven glass.  

It is not just about the design and art of NE but, the compassion and courage of skilful hands & creative minds of the women and young people from NE who dare to swim against the flow despite all the challenges they face while stepping out of their home state and achieve their dreams.

It is an exploration by Glass Sutra, to showcase the strength, resilience and determination of the women and young people within all the NE states interweaving a story to create a collection which is so unique and different from what one would see generally in the market.