Studio Collection

“Creativity is Experimenting, Taking Risk, Breaking Rules, Making Mistakes & Having Fun”
 - Mary Lou Cook

At Glass Sutra, we try to enjoy the creative process by producing works that tell unique stories. Our collection is simple yet meaningful and it is our persistent endeavour to make products that combine beauty and functionality. This thought has encouraged Glass Sutra to provide an opportunity to artisans from Firozabad to bring in their creative ideas, forged by meticulous craftsmanship, which has always been their strength. 

Our effort is to demonstrate the inherent strength of the material and its craftsmanship, combined with our design intent – the focus essentially is to introduce the magical beauty of glass through creativity. Whether experimenting with the technical limits of the glass or using it to explore deeper conceptual themes, Glass Sutra continually strives to push the boundaries of this material in fascinating ways. At present, we are restricting our thoughts in creating ‘Bespoke Handcrafted Functional Art’, understanding the market, and seeing the opportunity to share untold stories of glassmakers. We shall continue to explore ways to express our stories combining the unexplored beauty of glass through its various techniques and artistry that are evolving with the times.