Gappei (Jewellery)

It is based on the relationship and understanding between Glass and Reshmi Dey. Over two decades she has commanded her forte as a Woman Glassmaker in a male-dominated industry.

Reshmi, through her jewellery collection ‘GAPPEI’, has tried to share hidden similarities between the glass and a woman.

Very few are aware of the fact that ‘Glass’, fragile yet sharp, strong yet malleable, flawed yet pure becomes what it is because it is born from fire (12-13 hours in 1400 degree C).
A woman, who is the sole architect of her life, resembles glass. For she creates herself by lighting the fire of strength and confidence within herself after and while enduring a lot of pain and accepting various challenges.

The collection celebrates a woman’s transformation into her authentic self – free for self-expression, bold to pursue dreams and strong to embrace her true identity (flaws included) while exuding the vibrancy of her spirit.
That’s why Reshmi always says “If you understand Glass you will understand me.”

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