"Awareness is the greatest agent for change"
- Eckhart Talle

While India is known for its glass industry, the material has been considered unfriendly by the creative community because of its complicated and challenging nature. As a result, glass never gained popularity in mainstream design. It also did not earn a place in people’s homes or hearts.

Glass Sutra has created a programme that would create awareness about various aspects of glass art and craft. It is crucial to sensitise India and the country’s creative community about the challenges of glassmaking and hard work coupled with dedication, which every glass artist/artisan invests into his or her work irrespective of the country of production.

Some of these engaging initiatives include:

  • We offer Studio visits for school students to acquire awareness about the science of glass and the art of glassmaking.
  • Design and architectural students can visit our studio under their Industry visit programmes. We introduce students to the facts and interesting aspects of glass and orient them with various processes to achieve specific designs/products.
  • The demonstration led interactive sessions in our mobile studio at exclusive design or craft exhibitions. These sessions could also be at an event where the organiser wants to introduce something rare for people to experience. 
  • We also encourage people to develop a deeper connection and understanding with their favourite Wine/Single Malt and delve into the importance of glass and its specific design in relation to the spirit. 

Our philosophy is to apprise a person about everything that lies behind the scene and below the surface of the making process. In other words, we want to comprehensively educate people about the many facets – from the practical and logistical to the conceptual and interpretive- that are intrinsically connected to glass creations. People get to understand that glassmaking is exclusive yet approachable and a perfect blend of art and science. We also clarify doubts and eliminate myths attached to this industry and the material. 

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