Appreciation begins when people resonate themselves to the creation and the material, forming a bond.

All forms of creative work need appreciation. If we don’t show appreciation to those who deserve it, they will stop doing the things we appreciate.

To create this environment of appreciation, we aim to bring people and the story of glassmaking art together through experiences that are delightful, informative and inspiring. We provide a conducive environment by engaging people in interactive and friendly programmes through various activities, workshops, and events. People get to experience the material and its inherent beauty through some hands-on and interesting demonstration by our artists/artisans. 

  • We use our mobile studio to do corporate product launches, promotional events through the Glass experience programme, where glassmaking acts as a catalyst to bring people together (to learn something new) in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This can be done in our studio space or in the outdoors.
  • We also customise programmes like, understanding the importance of relationship through a fun Tug-of-War contest (a pre-wedding activity), which in turn helps in appreciating the material and its beauty. This we can do with our mobile studio in the space chosen by the client.
  • We have a corporate art-based- experiential programme. Employee engagement and team-building exercises delivered through glass art can help to develop trust, discover shared values, shift perceptions, combine right-brain imagination with left-brain logic and analysis to increase the capacity for breakthrough ideas and insights.

This programme has two variations; one is a 2-3 hour long day outing where participants get to witness a demonstration in Flamework or hot glass in the Glass Sutra studio. Thereafter every one gets to do a 20-minute hands-on exercise in flamework or a 15-minute exercise in hot glass. The second programme is a two-day complete team-building activity with glass. 

We hope this leads to respect and appreciation for the skill of the shop floor and hard work of the people who work behind the scenes and bring glory to any establishment.

  • To develop an understanding of the importance of science and technology in creating beautiful pieces with glass, Glass Sutra offers the studio space for birthday parties. Children and adults come and enjoy an eventful day or evening interspersed with leanings and experiences on glassmaking. 

In India, craft has been considered as a labourer’s job, and very little value gets attached to craftwork compared to any design or artwork. To bring a change, craft requires endorsement from the unquestioned arbiters of our society and country, who can give the craft and craftsperson the dignity, pride and attention that they so rightfully deserve.

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