“There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live” 
- John Adams

Glass Sutra aims to promote the education of glass art & craft in India. It provides a platform through its tailor-made programmes, to learn various aspects of glass making which will include design, art, techniques, and technology. Glass Sutra’s doors are open to artistic explorers – from keen students to professional artists, designers, architects and interior designers including anybody who wants to work with glass and learn the artistry of the material. 

  • Glass Sutra offers programmes with a duration of 2 to 4 hours: An experience with one process of glassmaking (Ask for detailed information through a mail).
  • We also have a programme with the duration of three-days on two different processes of glassmaking.
  • A six-day long mid-level programme with a lot of hands-on/practical time. 
  • We can do all these workshops for individuals or a maximum of 5/6 participants. However, for the first programme that entails two to four hours, we can accommodate a maximum of 10 participants.
  • Studio also conducts an exciting demonstration for participants in which they can watch glass crafting by walking through the studio facility, while we explain every minute aspect through visuals.    

At Glass Sutra, through hands-on experience, one gets to understand the relationship between glass and the undying love of a glassmaker for the material in the most trying situations. One can also relate the same understanding with our bespoke functional art collection.

We aim to establish glass as one of the preferred mediums of expression and to create a strong community of studio glass artists by encouraging the education of glass, which includes its potential, the flexibility, and the sheer scope it provides when combined with any other material.

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