We believe that a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. So, in Glass Sutra, we try to give a unique experience with this mystical material Glass.

Glass art and craft involves skilful hands that are almost magical, which comes through many years of practice. Undoubtedly, behind every masterpiece in glass art/craft is a pair of skilled hands that effortlessly blend creativity with technical precision. 

Glass art-based, experiential programmes can be defined as engagement exercises that are delivered to develop trust, discover shared values, confidence, shift perceptions and combine right-brain imagination with left-brain logic.

A great introduction to the different processes of glassmaking under one roof (Mouth Blowing, Hot Glass Casting, Flame Work, Kiln Forming of Glass, and Cold work on glass). Get a chance to watch live Glassblowing narrated by a master glassmaker — feel the warmth, the smell, and the sounds of the furnace, and you will see the clever hands of the artisan manipulating the molten glass in front of your eyes and transform it into an object of immense beauty. If you feel inspired, you can try it for yourself at the workshop and create your own artwork (with a bit of help, obviously!) This is an ideal opportunity to try something you have always wanted to do, or perhaps never thought before. A guaranteed unique and exciting day will leave you with a new understanding of glass art and craft.