Studio Glass Sutra has been recognised for crafting the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality. 

When we take a project our central or pivotal task is to decide what design will best satisfy the client’s needs, whether that can be achieved by creating a new design or choosing from the existing alternatives. 

Through our projects, we strive to translate our customer’s narratives into reality. This mandate essentially entails the creation of functional art that incorporates direction from the architect or interior designer of the project. While working with our clients directly, we sketch the narratives and create skeletons before embarking on the design process. Moreover, while collaborating with architects and interior designers, we get an edge to understand a project in terms of the technical nuances. In these instances, we work as a part of the bigger team to provide specific solutions in which we command our expertise. 

Because each project is site-specific, its execution is influenced by how the designed space identifies and organises the decisions that must be made to fulfil the needs of the client as well as of the space.