When Reshmi was creating her studio for Glass Art, which is a unique concept for India and hence wasn’t easy for anyone’s understanding initially, she was eagerly looking for support to promote studio glass through her global travels around the world for glass making. Over the last five years, Reshmi then started sharing her dreams and vision with other like-minded Artists, most of whom she was meeting at the annual conference of the Glass Art Society in USA. During one such conference, she hit upon the idea of creating a “Visiting Artist” program at her studio in Delhi, where a glass artist would visit for a 4-6 weeks residency to share their experiences and respective expertise with this material. This would further help to promote this art form through the studio. In return the artist shall get to experience the rich culture and heritage of India and its people, along with creating beautiful memories with any and all who get to experience the artist’s respective work at the studio.

              HELEN TEGELER                            PHIL VINSON                               JAMIE LIS STEVENS

Helen Tegeler - Visiting Glass Artist at Glass SutraPhil Vinson - Visiting Glass Artist at Glass Sutra

Jamie Lis Stevens - Visiting Glass Artist at Glass Sutra