Considered to be the epicenter of glassmaking and glass blowing industry. Reshmi  met and worked with a number of great glass makers from this region and increased her knowledge and understanding of this medium. Learning and practicing the art of studio glass making and the various techniques and methods that many of the great artists in this region employ to use glass from a creative and artistic point of view; and their approach to utilizing this medium to its optimum creative capacity – is something that is now well set in her mind, owing to her stint with the artists in this country.

As was the case in Italy, here as well, she understood the finer nuances and the detailing which goes into how the Glass Maker, Designer as well as the Artist come together and work in absolute coherence to make creative glass art pieces using mostly the traditional forms of craftsmanship.

In Novy Bor , Reshmi realised and understood the importance of institutionalisation of this craft and the art of glass making, for creating a new generation of glass makers who approach this beautiful medium of glass from the perspective of both a designer as well as an artist. Here , while visiting a maestro named Petr Novotny, she got to understand how wonderfully and interestingly we can share the beauty of Glass making with the people around, to not only create awareness and appreciation for this art, but also to enjoy a totally unique creative space in a beautiful setting. Petr created a Glass Blowing Studio along with a restaurant, where people could enjoy a hearty meal and drink, while watching a live glassblowing demonstration or seeing the glassmaker giving birth to a beautiful piece of art through their skilled craftsmanship. The sheer energy and enthusiasm of the people as well as the positive vibes of this place are forever etched in Reshmi’s memory and she hoped to open a similar place in India someday.


Reshmi traveled through the beautiful country and explored its rich culture, heritage and architectural beauty, and especially glass art and techniques. She visited Murano, renowned for its Glass Art culture, immediately after completing her program at the International Glass Center in Dudley, UK. Traveling through this stunning town, she sourced out and visited many maestros from the Glass Industry to understand the nuances of Glass making, glass blowing and sculpting. This experience also gave her insights into developing her skill towards glass designing. Besides the design and technical skill that she gathered, this enriching experience also made her realize the importance of co- existence of Glass Industry and Studio Glass-making. Much of this knowledge has been instrumental in the development of her Studio Glass Sutra in Delhi.


This tiny country on the map, is very big in terms of the glass art industry to name one such renowned company is SWAROVSKI AG, specializing in crystal artifacts,figurines and crystal chandeliers. Like Italy,here too she experienced its rich heritage and architectural beauty. However, one of the most important skills that Reshmi learnt and experienced here, was the coordination of Design and Art. Working with the glass as a medium of art and creatively designing it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece is as much an inherent skill as it is a technically challenging one. It is also here that she got exposed to the various nuances and facets of antique glass and the various ways of working with it.


This scandinavian country packs quite a punch when it comes to the glass art creativity and industry. Sweden has recently been voted the number one country in terms of creative design, and the whole glass art as a creative medium probably plays a large role in it. Kosta Boda and Orrefors are the two places of Sweden,(The Kingdom of Crystal) , part of Smaland, from where the two famous glass companies were born which have managed to create a niche as well as a lovely global reach and outlook, setting a great example as to how with the help of designers and skilled glass makers, exquisite pieces with the glass material can be created. This further enhanced Reshmi’s skills as a creative artist along with honing her marketing and business acumen even further.

She met and worked with many renowned artists of Sweden at their respective studios and incorporated the art of understanding how they were able to manage their studios and work the business side of this process while being totally committed to the creative journey as an artist as well. This experience has been of immense value to her to this day.

Kosta Boda Art Hotel was another experience which is difficult to pen down in words, but the sheer love and respect Reshmi has for the people from that region, is paramount. They have showcased glass in its best and purest form and have given immense respect to this medium while making it their center of expression through a beautiful amalgamation of Heritage, Culture,Design, Art and Craft. Anyone even remotely attracted towards glass art should definitely visit this place once.Reshmi wishes to see a similar interest towards Glass Art and  Craft in India as well.


A country known for its technical brilliance, it is no surprise that this was also a place where Reshmi just had to visit and understand their technical expertise and approach related to glass craft and art. Her travel through this amazing country, in search of organizations, individuals, and companies that are involved in creative glass art forms, took her to various different cities and towns, such as Reichenbach, Frankfurt, Dresden, Munich, Zwiesel,Frauenau Glasmuseum (Bavaria) and a few others.

This was also the time by when Reshmi had started thinking of ways to impart glass art knowledge and education, whether as a hobby, or as a professional skill, to children and adults alike, upon her return to India. Hence, while in Germany, she also visited the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, to further understand and grasp the knowledge imparted by the activities of their immensely popular Glass Department. She gained deep insights as to how the Academy made the medium of Glass as part of their art curriculum, and the methodology of imparting knowledge in this area of expertise.

This in turn became one of the most important objectives for her own studio – to impart education about this art form and the various techniques and ways of utilizing this material to full potential. One of her greatest dreams is to have Glass as a medium of expression to be included in the curriculum of the design schools and art colleges of India.

Her visit to the city of Zwiesel led her to “Glasfachschule” which she considers to be one of her biggest inspirations in terms of making a Glass School. An institution of such standard can only produce a new generation of glassmakers, designers and artists of this highly technical and challenging medium. This was an unforgettable experience, and has further cemented her belief in taking studio glass art to newer heights in India.


This is where some of Reshmi’s most enriching experiences as a glassmaker and educator came about.
In Seattle she visited studios of many well established glass artists and interacted with them to educate herself in the intricacies of creating an art form with the material.
In Tacoma , for the first time she experienced a dedicated museum of Glass art ,which had residency programme for visiting artists to share their expertise and also to create masterpieces. Seeing a dedicated and well trained team working seamlessly with the visiting artist Lino Tagliapietra creating beautiful art works, gave her the understanding of the benefit of residency programme which has become one of the important programme of the Studio Glass Sutra.

Pilchuck glass school, which is every artist’s dream to be part of, was founded by the great artist Dale Chihuly. People who are familiar with his work and his contribution to the studio Glass revolution in the USA, would fondly called Reshmi as the Dale Chihuly of India because of her vision of creating a Glass Studio community in India.

Reshmi’s participation for many years in the Glass Art Society’s annual conference and BECon by Bullseye Glass biennial conference for studio glass art, made her understand its many fold market potential and business opportunities. As an entrepreneur she understood the immense opportunity she can create for herself in her own country, India, where business of studio Glass either in the form of education or making of the art is very limited.
Visit to the Corning Museum of Glass, gave her an in depth understanding of how business, education and art can go hand in hand to create a meaningful and sustainable venture, which led her to create Studio Glass Sutra in Delhi with the similar concept.