Refund/Cancellation Policy:

If a participant must cancel and cancellation is received 30 days prior to the class start date, you will receive a full refund. If cancellation is received less than 30 days, 50% will be refunded .There is no refund for cancellations received less than 7 days before the class start date. For every cancellation there would be a nominal processing fee. If for any reason it is necessary for us to cancel a class, and we are not able to offer another time, a full refund will be given. If there is a weather issue or power outage, the class will be postponed to another date.

Basic Safety:

Safety is number one priority. All participants should know the risks of glassblowing. Glassblowing is inherently a dangerous activity. The following rules created by various studios and teachers, are meant to help keep the glass blowing experience as safe as possible.

Be aware of your position in the studio. When you are walking behind someone, be sure to let them know that you are there. Participants will be intensely focused on the piece of hot glass at the end of their pipe, please be aware of their potential movements.


Do not wear synthetic material or plastic fiber. Proper dress should include a cotton long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve undershirt, long pants, closed toe shoes, no open toed footwear or flimsy shoes. Sturdy hard soled shoes are recommended. Do not wear metal exposed such as, jewelry, metal buttons, watches, etc. Individuals with long hair needed to bring something to tie their hair back.

Burns & Cuts:

Participants might receive minor burns or cuts as a natural part of learning to blow glass/ make glass. Many objects are hot, tools, Torches, pipes, punties, furnace doors, annealing ovens, Kilns, assume that all surfaces are hot., even surfaces (such as, the rails of the bench) that are not directly in contact with glass. Report all burns and cuts to a staff member. We have first aid kit available. All of these issues will be covered in the safety instructions at the beginning of the class.


Participant’s Work:

Finished pieces must cool overnight. You will need to pick them up later, or if desired, we can ship them for a reasonable packing and shipping fee. We cannot hold your pieces indefinitely, so please pick them up promptly or make arrangements for shipping. We are not responsible for participant’s work that is left in the studio for more than one week

Personal Property:

“Glass Sutra” is not responsible for the security of property belonging to any participants including instructors or staff.


“Glass Sutra” and its associates reserve the right to photograph on site, students and their artwork for public relations work in promoting “Glass Sutra” and its programs. Participants can take pictures only of their work and for anything else require permission from Studio Glass Sutra.

Liability Waiver:

All participants are required to read and sign a liability waiver and agree to abide to the standards of safety and conduct that “Glass Sutra” studio has outlined. All participants should know the risks of glassmaking. We attempt to run a safe working studio, but cannot protect you from everything. Participants under the age of 18 will require a parent or guardian signature on the liability waiver.


All participants must be in good health and ability to withstand the heat and the physical demands of glassmaking. Please check with your doctor, if you have any questions.

Customer Satisfaction Policy:

The Studio Glass Sutra, strives to provide its customers with a pleasurable creative experience and a resulting project that exceeds their expectations. We do all we can to help guide the process of glass creation, and help our customers realize their vision.

The Glass Blowing/Flame working/ Kiln Firing process is not an exact science or can be controlled completely. So, glass projects do become somewhat altered during the process of making. We view this process as one of the beauties of glass. However, occasionally there are problems with the finished pieces due to many reasons not in ones control. In the instance of breakage, we offer our customers credit towards a replacement “make-it-yourself” project. Because we are providing our customers with an “experience” at The Studio Glass Sutra, we do not offer money-back refunds for any reason.

Customers who break their glass creations at home may contact us about a possible repair. We can attempt to repair it for an additional fee.