The Journey Begins

Reshmi Dey, started her creative and entrepreneurial journey in the year 1999 under the banner – ‘My Creation’ , after being introduced to the various facets and versatility of the material called Glass, within the bylanes of the glass industry in Firozabad.

Basic learning

She learnt the basics of glass making through her first hands on approach, with the ‘Center for the Development of the Glass Industries’ (CDGI), Firozabad in the year 2000.

First international exposure

Reshmi’s introduction to ‘studio art glass’ happened in the year 2001 under the guidance of Czech Maestro Petre Novotny and his then assistant, now a well renowned Glass Sculptor, Martin Jenesky.

Professional training in The U.K.

Being confronted with the various challenges within the glass industry of India, Reshmi enrolled herself in a formal training in glass techniques and technology at ‘The International Glass Centre, Dudley, U.K.’, with a specialization in hot glass blowing in the year 2002, on a scholarship.

Global Glass hub – Italian experience

After her training at Dudley, year 2003 onwards, the mecca of International handcrafted glass, Morano in Venice, Italy where the maestros of glass like Pino Signoretto, Lino Tagliapietra, Dino Rosin and others create their masterpieces, was explored and experienced by Reshmi many times over.

Return to India

With her global knowledge, formal training and experience, Reshmi returned to India in the year 2005, and kick-started her glass art professional journey, by returning to her creative roots in the bylanes of Firozabad.

Installation and Lighting art work

In just under 10 years, after gathering all her global experience with this material, and running her professional venture in glass art, Reshmi then made the big leap into the world of Lighting and Installation Art .

Consulting ILO and GOI Skill Development Program

In the year 2009 Reshmi was invited by ‘The International Labour Organisation’ (ILO) and ‘Director General of Employment and Labour’ (DGE&T) under the Ministry of Labour, Government of India, for their Skill Development Programme. On this programme Reshmi consulted the ILO closely for around four years. She facilitated the ILO by providing technical assistance for the consolidation of methodologies and operational framework in glass, along with creating competency standards for these allied materials to be used for training young craft persons by empowering them socially and economically for this new skill-based training.

Representing India at various global glass art forums

Year 2011 onwards and even now, Reshmi is travelling extensively through the length and breadth of America and Europe, like Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Seattle (Tacoma and Pilchuk Glass School), Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York and many other studios in America; while also regularly participating in the annual GAS conference (Glass Art Society Conference), USA as one of the foremost artists representing India, to learn, explore and bring back wholesome experiences, to share with the country through Studio Glass Sutra.

GOI Senior Fellowship award / Indian Govt. and International recognition and awards

Reshmi was presented with a ‘Senior Fellowship’ awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, on 2015 to research on the ‘Relevance of Technology in Glass Art & Craft’ by studying its various aspects.

In january, ‘Bullseye Glass’, Portland, USA, one of the biggest hand-rolled flat glass manufacturing companies in the world, invited Reshmi to join their EDUCATOR’s Workshop.

The same year saw the further enhancement of India’s first state-of-the-art Art Glass Studio ‘Glass Sutra’ providing a space to Reshmi and all those working under her patronage to express their artistic inclination, originality, innovation, and experimentation through glass.

Reshmi was born to glass, glass is the singular medium of her expression, and it is her hope that the democratization of glass will penetrate the culture of art in our society.