Jamie is a Glass Artist, Designer and an Architect from Chicago, USA.

She is totally enamored with the amazing process of working with molten glass. The fluidity of the hot glass that can be retained in the finished form is a welcome escape from the constraints that are typical of architecture and furniture.

This passion began in graduate school when her advisor placed her in a glassblowing class . This led to her thesis, design of a center for glass, metal, and clay arts. From that time she envisioned making such a place a reality in Chicago.

She  co-founded the Chicago Hot Glass Studio in 2001, one of the first public access glass studio in Chicago.

She was invited to Studio Glass Sutra in October 2016, and helped Reshmi in formulating all the workshop programs for the studio. She has also helped in developing the studio and creating working standards which she had introduced in Chicago Hot Glass Studio.

Visiting Glass Artist Jamie Lis Stevens at Glass Sutra Studio in Delhi India

Artist’s Work

Glass Art Work Sample by visiting glass artist Jamie Lis Stevens