At Glass Sutra we acknowledge the fact that adolescent and teenage years are one of the most promising and delicate years of one’s life. Our programs for school and college students give the young adults an artistic outlet, instilling in them a sense of confidence while experimenting with glass as well as initiating an understanding of life skills in a safe and engaging environment. Glass Sutra offers a unique and immersive experience for students and teachers alike to make sure that their journey through glass is both memorable and experiential by introducing them to a unique form of art that is still at a nascent stage in the country.

The various programs can be classified as under:

  1. Glass Bubble Blowing Contest
  2. Make your own Ice cream Bowl/Pizza Plate
  3. Design and create your own miniature glass pieces

…….and many more

How can young learners benefit from Glass Art?

Enhance creative and analytical thinking

Build self-confidence and positive energy

Stimulates coordination between the Left and the Right brain

Motivating factor for Self Development

If you are an educator or a student of any Design/Architecture/Interior Design/ Art school etc, do contact for programs based on your specific requirements.