Founder & creative director Reshmi Dey was first introduced to glass in 2001 in Firozabad.  She was mesmerised by the immense power and beauty of glass and started a path of further study.  Although Indian programs offered a strong introduction to glass as a material she found limitations in their commercial nature. In the pursuit of a more artistic and professional approach she traveled extensively to creative glass centres around the world and earned a diploma at The International Glass Centre, Dudley, U.K. This international exposure, in conjunction with her involvement in The International Labour Organisation for Skill Development Programme, inspired Reshmi to create her own centre for glass education – GLASS SUTRA.


Jyotsna has a very versatile and interesting work profile right from BPO operations to airline and from online space to employee engagement.
She has in depth understanding of customer satisfaction in organisations like Vertex, Indigo airlines, Docsapp, Flipkart and Biworldwide. She has experience in conducting team building activities and has flair to make it more interesting with every session.
Creativity has always been a fascinating factor to her. Hence she wants to utilise her expertise to conduct fun and creative glass art activities and do client management with Studio Glass Sutra.