An abstract functional art collection

The collection is a derivation from an artwork by the great maestro Pablo Picasso titled “The Kitchen”. This painting is striking, neutral yet colored, muted yet bold. In an attempt to explore space through the connections formed between lines, the Pabloligero collection was born. Our aim Is to use playful, simplistic and sculptural elements from the painting to transform fine art into functional art. And thus, modifying the elements to derive visually abstract lighting range. One would see very clearly that the metaphysical and physical lines are forming certain shapes all through our collection Initial version of the painting “The Kitchen” was monochrome however in the second version Picasso added splashes of color. Hence our introduction from textured colorless glass to Smoky Grey and Brown along with metal in three different color finishes one would see in the collection.



“ASHTORI’, an amalgamation of Asht(eight) and Dori(thread), represents the eight remarkably rich & gorgeous siblings (states) of  North-East of India which are politically and geographically separated yet connected through the culture and traditional weaving.

It is not just about the design and art of NE but, the compassion and courage of skilful hands & creative minds of the women from NE who dare to swim against the flow despite all the challenges they face while stepping out of their home state and achieve their dreams.

To showcase the strength, resilience and determination of the women and strengthen the connection within all the NE states interweaving a story and creating a bespoke handcrafted functional art collection.