A child with Reshmi Dey learning glass designing at Glass Sutra

Kids are curious beings. Their imagination is unrestrained. The level of creativity your kid holds in his tiny brain is unconceivable.

Let this imagination find wings. Let your kid express their creativity without restraint.

This Children’s Day, plan a creative kid’s day out with Glass Sutra’s Glass Art Workshop.

Glass Art is the art of giving form to molten liquid glass and creating beautiful glass structures using the techniques of flame-work.

Does that make you think that it’s not safe for your kids? Forget your worries because Glass Making is absolutely safe at Glass Sutra. We provide all the safety gear to our workshop attendees and conduct our workshops under the expert surveillance of the International Glass Artist- Reshmi Dey and her team.

How does Glass Art benefit children?

It’s a fast moving world with a lot of competition. Children are always under pressure to be “good enough” for their age.  This constant invisible pressure sometimes takes a toll on your kid’s creativity. And creativity being a very important part of human development and also a key to a successful and content life, it should be our responsibility to help our children indulge in art.

Glass Making in India is yet an under-recognized art which has a lot of potential to help people of all ages explore their inner creativity through the art of shaping glass into exquisite forms. Glass Sutra aims to throw light at this beautiful art form and make it not just a medium of escape from everyday life and a medium of creative expression, but also a viable career option for our future generation. Reshmi Dey, the founder of Glass Sutra is an international Glass Artist and realizes the scope of success this art form beholds.

Giving your children exposure to such an art form, while also allowing them to discover their creative forces, is an opportunity to grab. Here are some of the benefits of glass making for your children:

  • Ignites creativity
  • Enhances analytical thinking
  • Builds self-confidence and positive energy
  • Stimulates coordination between the Left and the Right brain
  • Motivates self-development
  • Gives a potential career option

Do children enjoy Glass Art?

Glass Making allows children to satiate their thirst for learning and seeking new activities to perform. Since it allows them to be creative and free, children tend to enjoy this break from their everyday routine of school and home. Glass Sutra has conducted several workshops with children and they have been a huge success. Children always have a way to surprise us and so did they in our last workshop.

Children at Glass Sutra Glass Designing Art Workshop

Which age-group is it suitable for?

Art should happen to children early in life. Children in the age group of 8-18 can attend our Glass Art workshop. Childhood is the most promising time of one’s life. Given the opportunity, the impressionable minds have the capacity to learn and imbibe a lot of new skills. We encourage schools, colleges, and parents to have their children get exposure to glass art to help these young minds express their creativity and learn new skills.

How do I register for the workshop?

We are currently based in National Capital-Delhi, and schools and institutes from the entire NCR region reach out to us for workshops. If you are a school or an institution looking to organize a glass art day out for your students, contact us with the number of attendees and time of preference. We will co-ordinate with you for the workshop.You can book your workshop here. If you are a parent looking to bring your kids to our Glass Art Studio, feel free to call us on below number –

Date of Workshop: November 14, 2017

Phone number: 9811992770   

Email Id: glasssutrateam@gmail.com

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