Each of us has got a creative streak. For some of us, it’s hidden somewhere deep within, guarded by our not-so-dominant guardian angel of creativity. Lulling your logical angles for some time and triggering the creative one, however, is not as difficult a task as it seems.

They say…

Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.

-Torrie T. Asai

And that if you clear out a corner of your mind, creativity will instantly fill it (Dee Hock).

“At Glass Sutra, we intend to set people’s minds free and allow creativity to seep in. Glass blowing is definitely a fine art, but here, we wish to let non-artists get a scoop of this wonderful experience,” says Reshmi Dey, the Founder of Glass Sutra.

Glass Sutra is India’s first ever glass studio that conducts Corporate Workshops for glass art offering organizations an opportunity to let their employees experience glass making and fuel their creative forces.

“Our corporate workshop is not just about allowing the freedom to make mistakes and create art with a free mind; it’s more about breaking the monotony of everyday workplaces and giving a medium of expression  to them,” further adds Ms. Dey.

A glass blowing workshop at Glass Sutra aims to bring a team together and let them experience the sheer beauty of creating something out of scratch https://www.facebook.com/GlassSutra/videos/1244073119032925/

The two to four -hours workshop at Glass Sutra can fuel up your souls in many ways evoking your creative angels and leaving you with more creative ability to take real-world decisions strategically.

Freedom from chasing perfection

Reshmi continues about the workshop, “Life of a corporate is filled with chasing perfection. At our Glass Blowing sessions, we disrupt this battle for perfection and allow participants to simply follow the flow without worrying about the end result.”

It renders a sense of freedom and confidence amongst participants and often, it results in unbelievably magical outcomes.

Patience and Poise

“The essence of art is in perseverance. You don’t hustle or create something in deadlines. You enjoy the process and do it with utmost patience and poise,” cautions Reshmi.

Glass Art Workshop emphasizes on the significance of tranquility in dealing with real life situations.

Creative expression of your innermost feelings

Glass blowing allows your creativity to take physical shapes.  Ms. Dey clarifies, “You don’t need to be an expert. A glass artist guides you throughout, and you can give form to your formless thoughts and feelings.”

Such creative expression of your innermost feelings is capable of yielding ecstasy and is almost orgasmic.

A breather from everyday pragmatism

“Shaping a piece of glass art gives the much-needed hiatus from the societal norms of rational and pragmatism,” gushes Reshmi with an enthusiastic smile.

A glass making workshop nurtures creativity by giving your left brain a little rest. While blowing your desired shape on a bubble of molten glass, you let go of your pragmatism and creativity flourishes.

It’s therapeutic

“Creativity does not flourish in stress. Likewise, stress does not breed when creativity prospers,” asserts Ms. Dey.  When your creative thoughts take a physical form, the experience is purely therapeutic. Corporate glass making workshop at Glass Sutra hopes to provide a healing experience where participants can revive their minds and thinking capabilities to result in a refreshed perspective towards everyday state of affairs.

The power of creativity is writ large in the history of the world, and organizations that realize this have taken a step forward to bring their employees face to face with this experience that we call “GLASSPERIENCE”. The Google India (MEGA) team and the LG Design Team recently took part in a Glass Art Workshop at Glass Sutra, and the sessions were no less than euphoric.

Not just corporate, Glass Sutra also conducts classes for kids and other individuals who aspire to learn or simply experience the beauty of glass making.

“The burgeoning bustle of this competing world calls for a fresh perspective on things.  We wish to proliferate creativity through glass making because it’s time to see the world through a creative lens,” concludes Reshmi Dey.

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