Artist Reshmi Dey was born to glass and glass is her singular medium of expression. Being professionally educated in economics and mathematics, likewise standing on the threshold of a promising career after clearing the entrance of a business management course, Reshmi’s instinctive emotion of creativity took over her passion, instead. Thereafter having encountered the artisans at the by lanes of Firozabad, glass happened!

“Creativity takes Courage” – remarked the great artist Henri Matisse.

Reshmi Dey is a perfect embodiment of this statement.

From growing up in the by-lanes of Assam to becoming a prominent artist in the field of Glass Art; and now starting her dream project of India’s first and only fully functional Glass Art studio called ‘Glass Sutra’ – Reshmi’s life journey is one of undying spirit and courage against all odds.

 When she chanced upon some colorful and beautifully designed glass objects one day at a friend’s place, she was instantly fascinated by the versatility of this material which led her to explore this material further.

 This eventually made her travel to Firozabad – the undisputed hub of all glassblowing activity and industry in India.

As expected, the entire industry and all the factories there, were and still are highly male-dominated. From the factory workers, to the artists as well as the owners – the glass industry in India had and still has one of the highest concentrations of men in any industry, anywhere in the world. Reshmi’s desire was to gain more insights and to further her knowledge and understanding of the entire process of glassblowing and its various techniques. To say that the factory owners and workers were highly skeptical, would be an understatement. A woman wanting to get her hands dirty in the glassblowing industry was largely unheard of, and her safety and security was of great concern to them all. Perseverance, persistence, strength of character, coupled with a warm demeanour and a never-quit attitude finally convinced the workers and owners of Firozabad Glass Industry, to let Reshmi interact with them. For nearly two years thereafter, she learned the various aspects of the art of glassblowing and the relevant processes and methodology involved . This was also the foundation of her creative interest in this industry and she made a resolution that someday she will open up her own studio where women, kids, and basically anyone interested in this art can study and learn about it.

 Reshmi’s creativity and sheer resilience further took her to the global hubs of the Glass art industry, including the following countries, which further shaped her creative journey and knowledge in this medium of art.

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